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Photo Diary: Dolphin Cruise

Port Adelaide River


Port Princess: Dolphin Cruise


The incredible sights

IMG_9768IMG_9766IMG_9765 IMG_9776 IMG_9770IMG_9777 IMG_9778 IMG_9781IMG_9796IMG_9800

(Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of the Dolphins. It was so quick, I recorded the entire experience instead. Will upload the video in two months time) Back on land

IMG_9842IMG_9849IMG_9851 IMG_9782IMG_9853IMG_9854IMG_9855IMG_9859IMG_9863

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Pancake party with my flatmates


Hey, friends!

Decided to have a pancake making bonding session this weekend with my female flat mates using the instant pancake mixes that were on sale at the supermarket  to save costs. All you needed to do was add water, mix it and then pour it into a heated pan. Sounds really easy and fun right??  That’s what we  thought… In the end, it was much more challenging than expected.

We spent about…

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Visited Glenelg Beachon a whim, with a bunch of friends via tram last week. I believe it was the nearest beach from the city, but it was still almost 30 – 45 minutes away (20 stops away). I wasn’t sure what to expect, since none of us knew what it would look like except that there would probably be a view of the sea to gaze upon. When we arrived, I was a little surprised to find so much concrete…

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HEY! So you’re probably wondering…

What is Adelaide Fringe?

It’s basically an annual open-access arts festival that will run for a month (Feb – March) in Adelaide, South Australia. Anyone is able to participate and register provided they have a show or exhibition. As a result, the art and talent found at this event spans; cabaret, comedy, circus, dance, film, theatre, puppetry, music, visual art and design.

“For independent artists, Adelaide Fringe is an inspirational environment to showcase their work.

For audiences, it’s an opportunity to see exciting and entertaining contemporary work in an atmosphere that encourages taking a chance and seeing and discovering something new.”

If you want to know more about this event, you can find more info here: 

Woah, check it out!

1. The Fun & Games

The cost to ride most of these rides span from $8 to $10.





Write a message on a metal heart and lock it for $6. All money goes to a charity.


2. The Bazaar

IMG_8597 copyIMG_8588IMG_8602IMG_8612

IMG_8613 copyIMG_8605IMG_8603IMG_8614

3. A glimpse at a few of the performers

The ticket prices range from $5 to $50 depending on which performance you wish to catch. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too pricy for my friends and I, so we didn’t catch any of the performances.

IMG_8599IMG_8548IMG_8620 copy

IMG_8618IMG_8633 copyIMG_8657 copyIMG_8659 copy

4. The Gang



Adelaide Fringe Festival should really be taken at night in all it’s glory, but I haven’t the time to visit the festival during that time. Will try to improve my night taking skills until then.

Until next time!

A look at Adelaide Fringe Festival HEY! So you’re probably wondering… What is Adelaide Fringe? It’s basically an annual open-access arts festival…

Photo diary: Adelaide

Hey, friends!

Here are some random shots I managed to snap on the way home. I don’t usually carry my camera around because my hands are always full nowadays. SO, if you’re curious to what I walk through everyday as I go about my chores, here you are! It’s a pretty short walk. I promise better ones in the future!

IMG_8686 copyIMG_8523IMG_8688 copyIMG_8668IMG_8671 copyIMG_8678IMG_8680 copyIMG_8675

Hope you enjoyed them.

See you again, BFF’S!

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Good Night

Hi, friends!

First off, I deeply apologise for being MIA for a while! I have got a lot going on lately (more than usual). Below are some of my reasons to back up my lack-of-posts and remaining blogger dignity:

  • I travelled overseas to study my final year in University.
  • So, I’m in the midst of adjusting myself to my new surroundings and the new culture.
  • While, sorting out my finances and other…

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Teen Titans Theme Song

Left Ear: Japanese, Right Ear: English






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